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Sydney is a fabulous city!Yes, I know I'm biased, but this IS my website after all (haha). We have recently hosted the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games and shown the world we're a fun place with great weather, great location and a great sense of humour/humor - do come visit, we love to chat ...
Shown here are some sites and tips for travellers and tourists - this is not a commercial site - just some links of interest...
email me if you have aquestion or would like to tell me about a site. (Each site should open in a new window - if you get an error message, click OK and press Return again to launch the URL in the new window.)
Armchair travellers enjoy ...

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Quick news ...

Australia's YOURLifeChoices is the most comprehensive Seniors' web site covering government departments and health organizations as well as lifestyle interests such as sport, hobbies, computers and travel.

Do you ski, snowboard, rollerblade? Know how important it is to have well fitted boots? Have you been searching for the BEST ski boots in the world? Check out Surefoot.com, where you can have your feet digitally recreated for the PERFECT fit. Contact Steve Walshe in Australia at his stores in Cremorne and Jindabyne, or check the website for other store locations all over the US, as well as in Canada and Switzerland.

Renting a car at bargain prices has just become easier in Oz, USA, UK! From $A28/day, you can book a rental car for your holiday in Oz or overseas, from the comfort of your desk - go to http://www.globalcars.com.au for all the info.

Well, all the world now knows what a fabulous location Sydney was for the 2000 Olympic Games (15 September, 2000), and it was absolutely fantastic. I was lucky enough to attend two days of Wrestling (and now I know more about it than I EVER thought I would!), as well as the Closing Ceremony. What an extraordinary afternoon and evening, to be a part of such a spectacular extravaganza, to talk to strangers on buses, trains, in the streets, sitting beside us at the event - if only the whole world could accept this attitude of openness and sharing, the world would be a continually happy place. Let's all make more of an effort in our daily lives. The link for the Official Website which is chock-full of fab info on everything related to the Games. Don't miss this one!

Getting work in Australia is the dream of many who come here on holidays, but it's not an easy thing to do. If you're EEC, and under 26, you can work here for a year; all others need to look at the Immigration Department info to see what they need to do. Also check out books online at Amazon (use search engine above) and type "work in Australia" to get a good selection. Clear here for more info below.

Koalas galore at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, the largest koala home in the world! 15 minutes from Brisbane, 130 koalas call this "home". Check out the site for tons of info and and even go shopping online.

Taronga Zoo on the shores of Sydney Harbour. Check out this website.

HERmail.net Travel connections for women travellers -An international directory of women travellers ...check out more details below!

Bali - information on Bali, which is just a hop, skip and a jump from Australia, and where the value for money is excellent.

From Goanna Pulling (?!) to Car Racing to picnics for Teddy Bears, check out the links listed in the Index above with "New" beside them.

Hot Tip: JourneyWoman Online - Best website for women travellers - a must visit!
Read the story about my meeting a Canadian traveller online, her visit to Oz and the wonderful friendship which has continued.


Year 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney Opening Day 15 Sept 2000

Show your support for these extraordinary athletes.

It has been the most incredible experience for the whole world, a must-see, must-do, all-out extravaganza. For detailed info, click on the link at left for the official website.


In and around Sydney ...

What an experience! Started in 1998, this 3 hour journey tests your ability to climb steep ladders and have no fear of heights before embarking on the climb of your life ... walking across the TOP of the Harbour Bridge. Approx $A95 (in 1998), photos included, a must-do for everybody. Call 02-9252-0077.

Margarida Simoes Lopes, e-Commerce Marketing Co-ordinator for BRIDGECLIMB, advised in June 2002, "A BridgeClimb is priced from around AUD$130".

Everything you need to know about Sydney, including maps, movies, accommodation, businesses, places to go, things to do and see ... the list is never ending!

What a great site, chock full of info about all of Sydney's public transport and links to many government departments.

One of the best bargains around is the Public Transport Red Weekly ticket for $23 (as at August 1998), which allows you to travel all over Sydney on buses, trains and ferries for 7 days. Take ferries all over the Harbour from Circular Quay (pronounced "Key") and enjoy our spectacular city from the water (extra tickets required for Manly and Parramatta).

NSWSouth Coast from Wollongong to the Victorian border - a must see site.

Sydney's gorgeous beaches north of the Harbour Bridge - chock full of information, a lovely site.

This site is all about Manly, a beautiful place right on the ocean, with gorgeous photos of the whales and waves and tours of the beaches in OZ (also a truly well-designed site!).

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Somewhere to stay ...

Hot tip!!! When you fly into Sydney, go straight to the Accommodation Information Desk at the Airport and you'll get great discounts on a huge range of places to stay, possibly even up to 50% ...

  • Where to Stay
  • The Hotel Guide Find accommodation all over Australia
  • Madison's Hotel Wonderful small boutique hotel, excellent for women travelling alone, located in Ward Ave, Elizabeth Bay (central to everything, close to all transport & Kings Cross)

Backpackers ...

  • Footloose Travel - great source of info on all aspects of travelling, tips and gear for the independent traveller.
  • TNT Magazine
  • Backpackers online lists all of the backpackers hostels in Australia and around the world, including the YHA ones

Working in Australia

International website for registering for work online.

Another online job registering service.

Click this link to go to Amazon online bookstore to find out about books which give tons of information on getting work in other countries.

Info on Tourist Visas, Work Permits, Migrating, Visiting, Studying ...

  • Getting Long Work Visas

Are you a computer nerd, programmer, specialist wishing to work in Australia for a year or more? There are several agencies who can help you obtain long Work Visas for Australia (and other countries), for a small percentage of your weekly income, or a once off fee. Here are a couple: Lester Associates, Ambit Technology, and here is an article with quite a few links - Contractor UK. Use a search engine and with the Advanced Search you can specify what you're looking for.

  • Expat info on Living in Australia

There are a zillion links (check out www.alltheweb.com and search for "Living abroad") - also check out the Living Abroad Newsletter.

  • More websites

Monster.com.au - interview, salary, general career advice.
JobNet.com.au - specialist IT recruitment.

  • Wage info around the world

An Australian Job search and wage information site which advertises job opportunities in Australia along with providing information on wage rates, salary surveys, taxation and public holidays plus information on immigration to Australia. Also provides information on wage rates in Europe, United States, Asia and Africa. Click here for wages.com.au

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Museums in Sydney

Art & Cultural Sites ...

Check out these cool sites! Current Aussie film festivals, Go Girl, and a sprinkling of related American sites.


Something to do ...

  • Long Lunch Train Unique travel experience every Wednesday. Take the train at 10:30am at Central, visit the Southern Highlands in fully restored heritage trains, enjoy a gourmet luncheon box, wine, morning & afternoon tea, then return to Sydney along the coast by 6pm. Fares, lunch, wine, morning & arvo tea provided for $A89 per person (2/99). Call 1800-643-801
  • Teddy Bears' Picnic, October Held in late October at Parramatta (half hour west of Sydney), a picnic to raise money for the New Childrens' Hospital at Westmead. 1999 is the 20th Anniversary of this fundraiser.
  • Car Racing - Bathurst 1000 Held the October long weekend in Bathurst. For details call the Visitors' Centre on 1800-68-1000.
  • Australian Goanna Pulling Championships What's a goanna? It's a lizard, that's right, a LIZARD! But despite this title, there are no goannas involved - just brute strength of 2 men on all fours, tied together with a leather strap. Held in the town of Wooli on the east coast, south east of Grafton, north of Woolgoolga, in June each year. Contact Wooli Tourist Information.
  • City to Surf Fun Run Over 49,000 people participated last year, walking - jogging - running from Hyde Park in the centre of Sydney to Bondi Beach, 14 kms (with hills), held in August. More info call 1800 555 514.
  • Scrabble There are 32 official Scrabble clubs in NSW so if you'd like a game while you're visiting, call Jeff Spring on 02-9521-2704 for details.
  • Chess in Hyde Park A Sydney tradition, playing on the big board (carrying the pieces with both arms), open from 11:30 am to 2:15 pm each day.
  • Play Bocce Each night you can play Bocce at The Rose Hotel in Cleveland Street, Chippendale.
  • Comedy Theatresports, a game of improvisation (not for the feint hearted) where you stand in front of a group of up to 100 people, and you're asked to sing an opera about a cabbage (or something else to make you look, feel and act like a fool). Great fun, 8 week classes, ending up taking part in the Scared Scriptless nights at the Comedy Hotel. Call 02-9281-7666 for details.

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Parks by the water

For a great day by the water, with excellent food close by, try one of these locations - all are easily accessed by public transport (all buses start at Circular Quay)

  • Neilsen Park Greycliffe Avenue, Vaucluse
  • Redleaf Pool New South Head Road, Double Bay
  • Walton's Boatshed The Esplanade, Balmoral
  • Victoria Park Pool Cnr City and Parramatta Roads, Broadway
  • Rushcutters Bay Park New South Head Road, Rushcutters Bay

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Aussie TV and Radio

  • The Panel One of the funniest topical shows on Australian tv

Other than Sydney ...

  • Noosa Beach & other Queensland coastal towns
  • Great Barrier Reef
  • Far North Queensland - Lots of info about the top of Australia
  • Bali, Indonesia - Lots of great tips about Bali including where to shop, where to stay, where to eat and where to get pampered with a " cream facial " (a local recipe using coconut cream for that all over body tingle!)
  • Hawaii - In January 2000 I stayed at a budget motel, one street from the famous Waikiki Beach, at the Malahini Hotel. Run by Frances, you can rent self-contained studios and 1- and 2-bed rooms in comfy basic style, kitchenettes and ceiling fans, from $US50 per night (no credit cards accepted). There are 30 units, some with aircon, in the best location at an excellent price.
    Located at 217 Saratoga Rd, Honolulu, Hawaii 96815, telephone (808) 923-9644 and 923-3095. (just down from the Post Office)

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UFOs ...?

Travel Websites

  • New travel links! Go to my other travel page
  • travel.com.au -Is an Australian travel website which offers fantastic deals and a free newsletter.
  • lowestfare.com -Another great website, based in the US (prices in $US) with fantastic specials - sign up for this travel newsletter too.
  • allbackpackers.com.au -Lists all of the backpackers hostels in Australia, including the YHA ones. The search facility makes it easy to find hostels anywhere.

Travel Around the Planet

Travel related sites

  • HERmail.net Travel connections for women travellers -"Is an international directory of women travellers. ...a FREE e-mail based service that allows any woman anywhere in the world to connect at this site with other females who love to travel." What a great idea - go sign up today!
  • JourneyWoman Online -Delightful Canadian site for women travellers, full of wonderful tips, hints and travel stories. Feature articles every quarter with a board where you can leave travel questions, if you're looking for a travel partner or just want info on any location on the globe. Highly recommended!
    Read the story about my meeting a Canadian traveller online, her visit to Oz, and the wonderful friendship which has continued ...
  • Booking Travel Online -An Australian site where you can book all your travel needs
  • Priceline.com - An American company selling last-minute unused seats on airplanes - for budget travellers
  • WebGrrls - Canadian site for women - everything of interest.
  • Mountain Travel Sobek -Travel site - very beautiful site for the adventurous.
  • Amazing Travel Spots - " Canadian travel site with links to cybercafes, casinos, various adventure tours from white-water rafting to golf, even travel bio-rhythms! " Tons of information.

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International Newspapers & E-zines

Australian news/magazines

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Film/photo processing in Sydney

You've taken your holiday snaps, now what's the best deal for processing?

  • Extrafilm - good deal, but you have to POST the film and they'll post it back, turnaround about a week. Process APS film (up to 40 shots) $A13.95, (no cd avail for APS) postage is $A2.50 per film (replacement film $A5.95 ea). 35mm film $A8.95, extra cd of scanned photos $A8.95 (replacement film $A4.95 ea). (prices at Jan 2003)
  • Target stores - found in major shopping centres, turnaround about 24-48 hrs. Process APS film (up to 40 shots) $A13.95, extra cd of scanned photos $A8.95.
  • Rabbit processing - stores in major shopping centres, turnaround about 24-48 hrs. APS film (up to 40 shots) $A16.95, extra cd of scanned photos $A14.95.

Electronic Cards & Horoscope



Where is that ...?

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